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CNC? Swiss Screw? Screw Machining?

Which one do you need?

Instead of trying to specify the process for your part, let us take the hassle out of buying your machined parts. Each process has a sweet spot. We know how

to utilize the best of each machine to meet your strict total lowest cost goals. Other shops tend to make you fit their capabilities with an inflexible mindset... with 70 years in business, we allow our capabilities to fit you.

At Roberts, we have the attitude to work smarter and harder for you.

(952) 949-1000

It's what you don't see that matters

attitude • passion • skill • expertise


We know how to choose the

right machine for the right part...

or any combination necessary for the total lowest cost parts


Our Mazak multi-tasking lathes allow us to machine complete complicated and tightly toleranced parts from bar stock or sawn slugs. Cross-drilling and tapping, milling, thread-milling and eccentric shapes can all be done in one sequence resulting in better efficiency and higher quality. 

Multiple Spindle 
Screw Machining

We can meet your needs for complex or simple parts with our wide range of multiple-spindle screw machines. We often hold tolerances on our screw machines that would require cnc machining or secondary operations saving you time and money. 

CNC Swiss Type Turning

Our Citizen and Tsugami Swiss style lathes machine parts from 4 MM to 32 MM diameter. Multi-tasking allows us to perform milling, cross-drilling, cross-tapping, off axis and eccentric machining all in one sequence allowing high precision, quality and productivity on complicated and tightly toleranced parts. 

Our mastery of our machinery means you have more choices available... which contributes to giving you the best parts

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We take nothing for granted

Eco-friendly facility and state of the art machines are ways that we shave seconds off machining or milliwatts off overhead to give you the best possible cost for your parts

Screw Machining

Gildemeisters, Euroturn 8 spindle screw machines, Davenports, with bar loading abilities, Acme-Gridleys

Tool Making

In-house saves days of time and increases accuracy of the tools to fit the exact requirements

Multi Process

Parts can run on multiple machines

to take advantage of speed or precision


Eliminates handling of parts


Our zero defect approach means that

out-of-specification parts are unacceptable.

Optical profile inspection

Parts are inspected in

seconds not minutes


Generations of experience and teaching.

Mazak CNC's

Multi-tasking lathes with gantry and bar loading abilities with operating ranges from 1/4" to 8"

Latest technology

We always invest in the latest to stay competitive

Custom Fixtures

We tweak all machinery to get "better than factory spec" performance.

MN Sharp facility

We maintain OSHA standards of safety
and pursue eco-friendly practices to reduce costs and follow responsible business practices

Oil Recycling

Our elaborate system recycles cutting oils
and dramatically reduces oils consumption and waste

Parts Cleaning

Automated degreasing and oil recycling to deliver clean parts


Our machinists average over 15 years experience and know how to tune the process to make parts faster

Secondary Operations

Our Secondary Operations give us greater flexibility to deliver higher value added parts to our customers.

Established in 1947, Roberts Automatic Products is a third generation family-owned precision machining company. Since our inception we have been dedicated to providing the highest levels of production quality, service, and productivity. We specialize in precise and complex CNC machining and screw machine parts along with extensive secondary operations and assembly.

Our company machines a wide variety of materials including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, tool steel, titanium, Nylon, Ni-Span-C, Kovar, Inconel, Delrin, and Teflon. We also machine MIM blanks, and castings.

At Roberts our goal is 100% on time performance. We support your delivery schedule including JIT, Kan-Ban, blanket orders, and build-to-ship.

Our broad range of screw machine equipment and CNC machining capabilities allow us to run complex parts with tight tolerances. We are able to run parts on our screw machines that others must take exception to. We machine stainless steel, brass and aluminum on our Davenports, Acme-Gridleys, Gildemeisters and Euroturn machines. Secondary operations are often eliminated and costs reduced because we can hold tight tolerances and use attachments to complete parts.


Quality is the basis of our manufacturing philosophy. Quality is ensured because it is planned into the production process and supported by our Micronite SPC system, Zeiss CMM, Oasis Vision system, optical comparators and electronic and standard gauges. Roberts is ISO 9001 : 2008.

In-house tooling capabilities including wire EDM and 5-axis tool grinding allow us to respond efficiently and creatively to customer requirements without the added delay and costs of relying on outside vendors.

Extensive secondary operations including broaching, thread rolling, multi-hole drilling and tapping, mills, lathes, and custom-built multiple function machines that contribute to our ability to add value.

Successfully providing high quality parts on time has earned us the ability to be a valued supplier to a broad range of markets including defense, medical, aerospace, process control, filtration, industrial, telecommunications and precision molding.

Our work

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880 Lake Dr.

Chanhassen, MN 55317

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